Breast Evaluation

Breast Evaluation services offered in Lake Forest and Grayslake, IL

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women, and it’s estimated that more than 12% of women in the United States will develop breast cancer at some point in their life. Monitoring breast health is a priority at Women's Specialty Care SC, with two offices in Lake Forest and Grayslake, Illinois. Karen Mass, MD, FACOG, Leslie Rubeck, CNM, and the team are women’s health experts who provide detailed breast evaluations combined with a risk-factor analysis to ensure you get the tests you need to monitor breast health. Call the office today or request an appointment online.

Breast Evaluation Q & A

What is breast health?

You may not know this, but your breasts change in texture and sensitivity throughout your menstrual cycle. Breast health begins with knowing what’s normal. To stay on top of your breast health, the team recommends you conduct regular breast self-exams to familiarize you with the changes that occur throughout the month.

Your breast self-exam should include a visual check in the mirror to look for changes in shape, texture, or lumps, followed by an examination with your fingers to feel for lumps and texture changes. You should conduct your breast self-exam at least once a month.

You need to contact Women's Specialty Care SC’s team if you:

  • Find new lumps
  • Notice a change in breast size, shape, or color
  • See discharge from your nipple
  • Experience persistent breast pain
  • Develop a rash or itchiness on your breast or nipple

Finding a lump can be scary, but 90% of lumps are not cancerous.


What is a breast health evaluation?

To help you maintain breast health, the team provides detailed breast health evaluations to assess your risk of breast cancer. Your evaluation may include:


  • Physical exam
  • Breast exam
  • Review of your family history
  • Genetic testing

Based on the results of your evaluation, the team devises a plan for continued breast health monitoring, which may include radiologic surveillance. Depending on what the team sees, they may recommend treatment for pain, fibrocystic condition, mass, and other findings.


When should I get a mammogram?

The Women's Specialty Care SC team determines when you should start getting mammograms to screen for breast cancer. In general, most women begin mammograms at age 40. But, depending on your family history, they may recommend you start your screenings earlier.

A mammogram is an X-ray that looks for early signs of breast cancer. The test only takes a few minutes. To minimize any discomfort during your mammogram, don’t schedule your test the week before your period, which is when your breasts are most sensitive.

Monitoring breast health is an essential part of every woman’s wellness. The team provides comprehensive breast health evaluations and develops monitoring plans for your risk factors. 

For expert women’s health care from a kind and caring staff, call Women's Specialty Care SC today or request an appointment online.